“Stephanie has taken photos of my daughter Bridget for the last 3 years. Bridget is notoriously difficult to photograph due to her disability, and Steph has always been extremely patient with her. She always gives her more time to become comfortable, provides distraction and easy to follow instructions which have resulted in the most beautiful photos we have of her. I would recommend Steph to any parent but especially those with special needs children as her patience and ability to create magic is second to none.”.

- Kristen Davies, Mum & Vice President of Ridgehaven Calisthenics Club

“I have had the pleasure of working with Steph Devlin photography and am so grateful for this opportunity. She has a unique talent of capturing the candid moments that take place in my performing art studio, Rockit. Here social learning has the same importance as artistic and technical learning and we share many magical moments. Steph has been capturing some of the most significant moments on film in ways that bring a tear to many eyes. She has an ability to see the inner beauty of her photography subjects bringing out their personalities and highlighting moments when they shine. For my business, she has given me the power to say so many things about our work without using any words. Her photography captures the true heart of what we are trying to achieve. Her images have helped shape who we are and how we communicate our spirit to the local community. 

What I love most about her photography is the outcome. She doesn??™t just take pretty pictures for people to place on their mantelpiece. She changes individual??™s perception of themselves filling them with a new found confidence. Her photographs are constant reminders to that person, they are beautiful, capable and brave.

Steph is destined to go far in this industry. She is capturing dance photography in a manner that no other photographer has yet touched. With her background as a dancer, she knows exactly how to pose and encourage her subjects so they look stunning with their technique, but also confident through their smile and facial expressions.

  -    Noni Vassos, Director, Rockit Performing Arts

The sport of Calisthenics has always suffered from an image problem.  Those of use involved in the Calisthenics accept the quirky hairstyles and makeup because we realise the huge benefit the sport offers to young girls.

A shift in public perception of Calisthenics has occurred recently.

I believe Steph's stunning photographs of calisthenics performers have helped overcome some of the negatives which surround the sport.  

Steph has the unique ability to capture a dancer's individual talent with style and grace.  The way she communicates and builds up the confidence in each and every dancer in awe inspiring.  It is no surprise her photos have been chosen to feature on the Australian Calisthenics Federation website.  Her photos regularly appear on social media and always receive genuine and uplifting comments regarding her unique talent as a dance photographer.

Steph's contribution to Calisthenics over the past three years have been extremely positive.  More importantly, thanks to Steph, I can now proudly display photos of my daughters performing the sport they love.

- Janine Martin, Calisthenics Mum

"Steph Devlin Photography has been a breath of fresh air to Calisthenics and Dance Photography in South Australia. Her knowledge in dance technique, her creativity and desire to portray dance and it's dancers as strong, healthy and confident is evident in what she produces. Stephanie Devlin's work is an asset to the industry and broader society. May she continue to reach even higher heights through strategic growth of her business”.

- Hayley Wood, Calisthenics Coach, & Physical Ed

Just a few of our thoughts of Steph Devlin Photography.  My daughter has had the privilege of working with Steph 6 times now and the photos have all turned out a dream - we have trouble choosing which ones to buy, and usually end up just purashing the whole gallery.  Steph always welcomes us with a smile and her vibrant fun loving personality sines through in her photos.  Steph always likes to try something new and different when photographing my daughter, its exciting wondering what she will think up next.

We highly recommend trying Steph Devlin Photography, we cant wait until the next shoot, she is amazing. 

- Tracey (Calisthenics Mum) & Sammi (Calisthenics National Team Representative, Intermediates)

Perfection! .. I cannot recommend  Steph Devlin Photography highly enough. 

Steph has captured and created the most stunning shots of my gorgeous clients in their costumes, including organising a perfectly styled shoot for my web and social media pages.  The feedback I have received on both the photos and Steph herself is always nothing but positive, in fact outstandingly positive.

Her attention to detail and perfectly timed captures of the performers special moves and “moments” on stage are breath-taking, not to mention the most beautiful and creative studio shots I have ever seen, giving the girls and their families such treasured memories to last a life time.

When you are doing something you absolutely love with such a passion, the results are always going to be incredible, and with Steph behind the camera, incredible is just the beginning.

-  Janel Morris - (Anjel .. by Janel)

If you walk into my home, the one thing you will quickly notice is how many photos of our family we have on display. Having worked in the framing & photography industries I truly value the memories that we can capture & display. And that??™s where Stephanie Devlin comes into this discussion, because many of the images that I have proudly on display have been taken by this very talented photographer.

Steph really is one of a kind; she has so many characteristics which combine to make her a leading dance photographer, which is the field of expertise she is focused on. Not only does Steph have an amazing eye for detail, but she is able to connect quickly with her clients putting them at ease, which then allows her to expertly guide her subjects into many varied positions; & it??™s then that the magic happens! Steph looks for the little details, she focuses on the finer points & then as she looks for the sparkle in her subject she has an innate ability to click at the right moment in turn capturing absolutely stunning images.

My daughters have been photographed by Steph now several times & every single shoot has been a wonderful experience for both my children & I. At each session Steph has asked what we??™d like to achieve, & not only did she nod politely at our most recent shoot when we described how we??™d like to capture the magic of the particular dance costume, but she grabbed the idea with enthusiasm & really encouraged my daughter to be expressive & take the shoot to a more dramatic level.  It was exciting to see her pose my child knowing she could create some fabulous effects in editing; which are absolutely stunning. This most recent shoot has been a whole new experience as we??™ve watched a very clever & thoughtful photographer take the idea??™s we had imagined & bring them so skilfully to life. 

On another hand, I have been so very lucky to assist Stephanie at a few recent shoots & I have witnessed her expertise from the other side. This very talented woman shows such care with all of her models & she has a knack with people which allows her to effortlessly work with dancers of ranging experience, ability & confidence which was really wonderful to observe. It takes a very special photographer to make her subjects feel so comfortable, to read their capabilities & yet somehow have the most inexperienced dancer pose like they have been doing it with ease for years. It was really exciting to watch & learn how to relax the youngest of children & then in the very next moment engage technically with a ballerina on Pointe. Watching Steph??™s enthusiasm & knowledge of how to pose dancers of all ages & abilities was stunning to witness.

Steph is someone I am not only proud to call a friend, because she has the best qualities that your good friends do, but she really is such a kind, friendly & engaging lady who is extremely talented behind the lens. I don??™t know of another photographer who has the knack of clicking at just the right moment like she does, she can sense the moment of magic before it happens & I am so grateful to have many of these special flickers of time captured of my children. Steph??™s name is highly regarded within the dance industry & her images are proudly on display in the homes of many people I know & I honestly can??™t wait to receive our latest order to frame up, display so we can admire & cherish them for years to come. I??™d happily recommend Stephanie to anyone looking for a photographer, she is truly amazing at her craft, when she picks up her camera you just know something special is going to happen & I look forward to many more shoots with her in the future. 

-  Kristen Burgess, Calisthenics Mum & Freelance Artist

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